5 Of the Most Popular Species of Ants and Ways to Eradicate Them

We all have the basic knowledge of why ants invade our house, yet they are extremely hard to stop and even more tricky to eradicate. The main reason why ants invade our house is in search of food. Such tiny are their sizes that even the smallest cracks on the wall are enough to allow them to enter your house.

But to be able to actually eradicate ants from your premise, it is important to understand what the major kinds of ants that exist today are because every kind is different, and so are its eradication methods.

Some of the most prominent types of ants that exist today are:

Argentine Ants: Although these species prefer sweet substances, they will eat anything from meat to oil to fats. They form colonies near wet conditions and feed on a food source within its vicinity. If not eradicated in time, their colonies can grow to a significant level, often stretching gardens and lawns.

Carpenter Ants: Obviously, they are known for building their nests in wood. These ants are capable of causing havoc in one’s house. Usually, they feed on dead insects, sweet substance and nectar from plants. Although they don’t cause any diseases. It can considerably weaken the foundation of your house and also your .

Odorous House Ants: Its name derives from the fact that when they are crushed, it emits a foul and rotten smell. They live under stones, exposed soil along with floor cracks.

Pavements Ants: These ants feed on grease, seeds, , nuts and cheese. Usually, they live under slabs, driveways and under building foundation.

Red Imported Fire Ants: These are the most aggressive of all ants, and they leave a sting that’s extremely painful. Probably the most notable aspect of these ants is that they can can adapt to any climatic condition. Due to the fact that they build mounds over the soil, it can completely destroy the plant roots.
These are just a few of the 12000 species of ants that exist today. So it’s necessary to take certain precautions which may include:

  • Sealing off all entrances (door cracks, wall openings)
  • Using caulk to seal off cracks
  • Lining entryways for ants with powerful chemical substances.
  • Using adhesive tapes in the kitchen so that when the ants try to climb it, they will get stuck with it.
  • Using ant deterrents which are non-toxic
  • Removing the ant nests from completely.
  • Removal of food source immediately and prevent water standing for too long.