An Overview of Being an Exterminator

Have you suddenly found yourself in need of an exterminator? Not sure whom to call or even what questions you should ask? Just a little Internet search will answer some of your questions, but let’s see if this article can help dispel any persistent concerns you may have. First, any pesky problems such as bugs, squirrels, bats, and rodents can be dealt with safely by your experienced, local exterminator.


Most states require exterminators to learn their trade under the tutelage of a professional. Applicants must also be of “good character.” Most states interpret this phrase differently, but any conviction involving the environment, pollution, or nature-based will bar you from being considered for the training.

Requirements for Testing

Bug eradicators are also known as pesticide applicators and must pass a minimum of two written exams: one known as the core exam and the other called the category examination. The core exam tests the mastery of basic common to all pesticide training applicants. These include of regulations, rules, how to keep records, and the ability to read and understand label instructions, including mastery of the math needed to properly mix and apply chemicals. The category exam focuses on the items specific to the type of specialty you are seeking.

Required Insurance

Nearly all states require exterminators to carry or work for a company that does.

What It’s Like

The pest control occupation is rugged and dirty. The pest hunter goes into crawlspaces and attics sometimes with only two to three feet of space to work in. You will have to deal with all levels of infestations: bugs, wild animals, rodents, bees, and wasps. Summertime is always the busiest, since most animals hibernate in the .

Pest controllers also have to deal with the : hot and cold, , , and sleet. They also have to deal with the toxic chemicals used in their profession. Most of these chemicals can irritate the and eyes as well as cause respiratory problems for humans and pets. In the concentrated form, it can easily kill an applicant.

Dealing with pests as a professional is not comparable to you buying a can of bug spray. The task is not an easy one; you must be knowledgeable and not have any fear.